Wedding Songs

Needing some musical inspiration for your first dance? Here’s lots of great tunes that work well, and perhaps more helpfully, why!

Check back each week as there’s always more added…

Brighter Than Sunshine – Aqualung
A lovely slow and gentle song, with opportunities for gorgeous whirls and turns. Perfect for a couple who doesn’t feel confident with lots of tricky steps to remember. Perfect for the Bride with a light airy dress that cries out for a swirl!

My favourite line: Your heart is keeping time with me

For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder
Ah, Stevie! Hands up if you think, like me, that he’s Mr Cool!

Anyway, this is a smashing song to dance to. Just think of all those exciting lifts and turns you could do! Plus, if you fancied a drum solo in the middle, why not…?

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
I bet you weren’t expecting Metallica on this list…

This is a tender waltz that’s just the right speed for couples especially if the Bride has the sort of dress that might restrict her. You might not choose to dance to the whole 6mins30, but there’s plenty of great moments here.

Power Of Love – Celine Dion
Ah a power ballad!  Gotta love ‘em!  This is a lovely song to dance to; a lilting rhythm that you can swing and sway with.  Plus those big notes just scream for lifts and spins!

You Got It – Roy Orbison
This song has a smashing little bounce to it. It lends itself to a gentle cha cha or ceroc style dance.  And my favourite lyric?  “I live my life to be with you”

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Such a sweet little song! It’s a helpful pace which can be danced to without a sense of rush. Great for the couple who doesn’t want a dance filled with drama and excitement, but just wants their family and friends to share in their special moment.

Better Together – Jack Johnson
Such a cute song! This could be turned into a gentle Jive (yes, really) or a foxtrot. My favourite lyric? “I believe in memories. They look so, so pretty when I sleep” Let this song make some memories.

Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
What a smashing song. I can just imagine a couple, happy in love, swaying and swirling to this. Perhaps the bride has a large skirt that would spectacular as it spins out. Glorious!

The Wedding Song – Angus and Julia Stone
I’ve only just discovered this lovely song – so tender! A peaceful song that could be translated into a beautiful dance, and who can resist a harmonica?!

Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow            
This is such a delicate version of a beautiful song, but you may prefer Steve Winwood’s more ‘poppy’ version.  Either way, this song would be a great for a couple who don’t necessarily want a dance with lots of tricky steps to remember (and worry about).  Lots of leans, dips and twirling romance!

Plus, if you buy the version from the ‘Silver Linings’ album, you’ll help raise funds for a Irish charity supporting young people with mental health issues.

Songs of Love – The Divine Comedy
Yes, it’s the theme from ‘Father Ted’.  It’s also a beautiful waltz.  Why not choose this?  Ah go on.  Go on.  Go on, go on…

By the way, my apologies for the terrible quality of this clip but it’s so special to hear Neil Hannon perform it live.  Locally too!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
Fancy a jive? Got the sort of wedding dress that will let you…? Then enjoy this fun song which will really let your personalities show through.

I Will – Skeeter Davis or the later cover by Ruby Winters
Perhaps the lyrics don’t tell the most “loved-up” story ever, but it’s a lovely tune to dance to.  It has a gentle cha-cha rhythm that lends itself to a swirling journey around the floor.

Marry You – Bruno Mars
Fancy something a little some pacey?  Who doesn’t love this fun track!  Because it has several small sections within it, you could have some trickier steps tucked in and those soaring ‘DOOOOO’s just ache for a lift or two!

Dream a Little Dream of Me – The Mamas & The Papas

A particular favourite of mine.  Nice and leisurely piece of music, no rush. This is your time so enjoy it!

Everything – Michael Bublé
A smashing choice of song.  It has a nice swing to it which can help a couple stay in time.  It’s a good speed too – not too slow and not too fast.  Big wedding dresses and high heels don’t lend themselves to quick dances!  Finally, who doesn’t love a key change moment!

Everlong – Foo Fighters
Rocky!  Favourite lyric: And I wonder When I sing along with you, If everything could ever feel this real forever
Great choice is your husband isn’t into sappy love songs…

Accidently In Love – Counting Crows
A really fun song to dance to.  If you’re a brave couple, you could really travel around the dancefloor with some pace!  My favourite lyric?  “Belting out sunlight, Shimmering love”  Hopefully, that’s how the happy couple will feel during their exciting day.

Rule the World – Take That
Lovely lyrics. Who doesn’t feel like they can take on the world when they’re in the arms of their beloved? PLUS! It’s a great track if you’d like your dance to be something of a surprise for your family and friends. Smooch through the first verse and then WOW super choreography from the chorus!

At Last – Etta James
Another popular choice with my couples. A leisurely pace for those who worry that they won’t keep in rhythm! Or, for the more accomplished dancers, a speedy Viennese Waltz! You choose…

Baby, Now That I’ve Found You – Alison Krauss or maybe The Foundations if you prefer…
Ooooh, I love this track. You may find that some of the lyrics are inappropriate for your wedding, but perhaps your journey to your wedding day hasn’t been straight forward.

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