“I like tap because I love the noise my shoes make!”J, aged 8

“I love meeting new people at dance.”J, aged 9

“I like Tap because it is a really good skill to learn and a good stress release.  Naomi is a very good teacher and easy to understand.”A, aged 14

“I keep coming to Tap because Naomi is very patient when I get things wrong!  It’s very fun in general.”L, aged 18

“We get to learn different moves most lessons – I just like Tap!  Naomi is a brilliant teacher!”A, aged 12

“There are amazing people here and is a great atmosphere to learn and dance.”A, aged 14

“I discover things with my feet that I never thought I could do!”M, aged 15

“I like tap because our teacher is really nice and makes it fun.”C, aged 9

“Tap is really fun because we sometimes get to make up our own dances.”M, aged 8


Classes are held at Bassingbourn Sports Centre on Thursdays at 7.45pm.  Each 1 hour session costs £4.50, payable termly.

Tap dance lessons are a fun way of getting aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Tap can do more than teach you some cool moves; it can also help you lose weight and get fit.

Tap dancing not only builds strength, but it is a very good form of exercise to help build endurance. Tap also exercises your brain because you are concentrating on learning sequenced moves and also how to use different parts of your foot to create different sounds. Tap dancing an excellent and fun form of exercise for those who need variety and a challenge.

Don’t just take our word for it… The Telegraph and the Daily Mail newspapers think so too!


Not sure if Tap is right for you?  Don’t worry because your first class at DanceMatters is free.